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About Me

Over a decade of makeup artistry on site, set, theater & in studio

Emily doing the Red Queens makeup..jpg

If you knew me as a child you would think that going into the makeup industry was a given! But it took me a little bit to come to that same conclusion.

Makeup was something I was always a part of. Born to two creative and theatrical parents, Halloween and dress up were huge! I fell in love with theater at 11 and fancied myself an actress with a pension for theatrical makeup. I began designing for the stage and won awards at local theater festivals for my designs

In college I became the go to makeup designer for my schools many productions!

It was then that I clued in to where the universe was sending me and I went to Blush School of Makeup in San Francisco where I received my "Master of Makeup" diploma.

I have worked as a key makeup artist on several films, worked on sets for professional commercial campaigns, I am a published makeup artist, I have worked weddings and I continue designing for theatrical productions.

Off set and outside of the theater, I still really love makeup, I still really love theater! I still really love dress up!  You can also find me playing Dungeons and Dragons with my friends, experimenting in the kitchen, crafting while listening to records and shooing my cat away from the projects. 

Even though it took me a second to see that makeup was exactly what I was meant to be doing I know to my core that it is right. I am passionate about my career and above all my favorite thing is collaborating with other creatives and building relationships with my clients! 

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